Randolph Engineering Inc. provides hi-tech glasses for shooters who demand the greatest advantage when sighting orange clay targets. Standard shooting lenses are designed to absorb some colors to make others stand out more. But what if you could harness the energy wasted in the absorptive process and use it to create more of the color you want?

This is exactly what the new ColorMag Technology (CMT) is able to do! This revolutionary lens amplifies the energy available to the eye in the orange region of the light spectrum, increasing the contrast between the target and its background. The CMT lens reduces overall light transmission by absorbing the color components of light evenly, much like a standard lens. CMT then relocates this absorbed energy through a quantum shift to convert it into orange-colored light. This process automatically adjusts under varying light conditions and can deliver up to 250% more orange light than a standard lens of comparable overall transmission.

This specific effect on orange color avoids a common pitfall of other available shooting lenses. A standard orange lens highlights an orange target, but it also causes a color shift to all objects, resulting in visualizing an orange target against a background that has been made to appear more orange—far from optimal. Any contrast enhancement is negated by the change in background hue.

The perfect solution is to amplify the eye's ability to see orange without affecting how it sees other colors. For the first time, this performance is available with CMT. These state-of-the-art lenses perform instantaneously; amplifying orange color at the speed of light, ready to perform at the speed of light, and ready to perform from your first glance.

The CMT lens starts with a 2.5 mm polycarbonate lens blank to ensure high-impact resistance. An ultra-hard coating makes them 300% more durable than standard plastic lenses and protects the lens surface and the ColorMag coating layers.

This ColorMag Lens is the lens you have been waiting for, brought to you by Randolph Engineering, and is now available at Morgan Optical Sport Glasses. Call us today to learn more.