We need the following information in order to process all Rx orders. Please call us today to consult with one of our associates.

  1. A copy of your current prescription (faxed or mailed).
  2. Your P.D. (pupillary distance) specifically ask your doctor or optician that made your glasses for this information, as it is generally NOT written on the prescription pad.
  3. Approximate height and weight for determining frame size.
  4. Generally, if you think you have a narrow, average or wide face or bridge of your nose.
  5. Lens color choices.
  6. Lens preference - single vision, bifocal, progressive bifocals, polarized, etc. *Depending on availability in your prescription
  7. Single Vision or Bifocal? *Round Bifocals work best in Classic Ranger and Ranger Edge frame *Progressives and flat-top bifocals only work well in specific frames.
  8. What type of shooting or hunting do you participate in? Trap, sporting, skeet, wing shooting, rifle, pistol, etc.
  9. Are you having a problem seeing iron sights on a handgun or rifle?