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Magic Dot was designed to correct cross dominance, double vision, ghost imaging, and hand/eye coordination problems for shooters.

Single package only – $17.50

  • Excellent for shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery shooting.
  • Each sheet comes with 24 dots and 2 rectangles, either of which can be trimmed to your desire.

$ 17.50

Free Shipping within USA

*** For International orders please email Wayne@morganopticalnet for rates,

Magic Dot


Which is your dominant eye?  Here’s a simple test:

Extend your hands in front of your face. Place them together to form a small, triangular opening with your thumbs at the bottom. Using both eyes, look through the opening and focus on a distant object. Maintain your focus on that distant object.  Now close one eye. If the object disappears from the opening, your closed eye is dominant. If it remains, your open eye is dominant.


In package: One sheet of 20 colored dots, 4 grey dots plus 2 grey rectangular strips – see product image.

Made in the USA!

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