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If you struggle on a simple incomer or teal? then you may have the evidence already that you need to solve a problem. Most shooters don’t have a fully dominant eye and will see two sets of barrels in their peripheral vision, This can make the execution of the shot difficult due to the confused picture you see. ‘Focus on the clay’ is a term we all have heard during our early days and will hear it on the clay ground regularly – but if you are struggling to reference the gun in your peripheral vision then gun placement becomes difficult with extra time needed for you to take the shot. When you can reduce the time to bring the gun and target together you can start to improve your technique and your scores will start to improve.

The SP is an Eye dominance solution that allows shotgun shooters to keep both eyes open, even with
eye dominance issues, ensuring the eye over the rib is always in control. The SP allows the shooter
to shoot in an instinctive and natural way. The SP can be positioned to suit gun down or premounted styles. Designed to be discreet on clay and hunting guns, lightweight and to ensure focus
stays on the target the SP in an innovative new approach to eye dominance. Already proven on the
competition circuit with class medals in major competitions

The introduction of the SP will reduce and even eliminate the problems you are having which come from the off eye image confusing you and ultimately slowing the shot. Simply the SP creates a unique picture to the eye over the rib, it has been designed to do this in your peripheral vision so your focus can stay on the clay. There will be a small profile unique to one set of barrels, this will identify the correct barrels much the same as if you had one set of barrels – like a shooter with no dominance issue. (they will have one set of barrels from their very strong eye and a ghost or no image from the eye off the gun). Initially, it’s important to build your trust in the lead and not to question the shot, otherwise, you will look at the gun or stop your swing to check. Use targets like an incomer or teal before progressing to more difficult presentations. The SP will only be effective if it can be seen solely by the eye over the rib – the eye on the same side that you shoulder the gun
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